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Hi. I'm Charlie, the founder of Hudson Media Empire. I like making movies.

My first foray into digital video was in 1998, on the sly, in the English department office at Waynflete school. It had come to the attention of my friends Ben and Andy that the computer there could import video (still analog at the time). We checked the old camcorder out of the library and started messing around. Our first efforts were bizarre, mischievous, and mostly pointless. I was hooked.

Soon we were spending more time in that office than any of the faculty, including the foreign language teachers, who I think couldn't be bothered to clean their own office.

I've been making videos ever since, from local TV spots, to music videos, to Japanese DVD subtitling. However, the bulk of my work as been online video messaging for local organizations and small businesses.

Feel free to poke around a bit.
Technology today is evolving faster than ever before.
The networked toaster is not far off, nor is direct mental connectivity.

We at Hudson Media Empire will not be the ones to fuss over the details.

We are positioning ourselves to be the first place your toaster goes when it's time to remind you that you will be happier, more successful, and more appealing to the opposite sex if you eat name-brand toaster waffles.
Tripod Guy
Tripod Guy - Big
Need to get some footage in a carpeted conference room? Great! Consider hiring an out-of-shape schlub with common sense enough to wheel his equipment around with a hand truck.

Need an exploitable young buck to hustle gear up a mountain or through a throng of protesters in Manhattan? Perhaps paddle gear into the backcountry, or just scale a wall for a better angle?

Is it exploitation if I enjoy it?
Computer Guy
Computer Guy - Big
What are you trying to communicate?

Today anyone with a smartphone can splice together clips to follow a script.

A good editor crafts emotions. It isn't the words, it's how they are delivered, which pauses are removed, which are emphasized, and when the right music swells. it's my job to make people tear up over culvert installation, and laugh about defibrillators.

It's a powerful skill, and I use it only for good, mostly.
Lights Guy
Lights Guy - Big
Charlie is suspicious of sugar and hates ankle support.

He enjoys sitting on the floor.
Sound Guy
Sound Guy - Big
Have a boundary-defying idea too risky for traditional producers? Consider making your pitch to someone more eccentric who lives with his parents! Low overhead lets me take fliers on weird projects which intrigue me.

Recently I helped shepherd a project from a semi-coherent pitch, through a successful crowdfunding campaign, into a moving 60-minute film about climate activists, which is now more timely than we could have ever imagined.

Try me. I'm probably weirder than your idea.